Google Ray de Beasley Inventor and read the Inventor Forms Joint Venture report

Google Ray de Beasley Inventor and read the Inventor Forms Joint Venture report

You and Buffett and Gates get to keep only 1 million each in total assets and write a check to the US Treasury for the rest

Estimations are that the $7.50 and .55 fees will generate $139.0 billion annually and create 750K to 1M U.S. have to be located jobs. This is for a U.S. B-System alone. Over 100 countries are in need of effective identity management that also have the infrastructure to go with fraud and ID Theft problems.

You don’t need tax laws for this just write the check and leave the rest of us trying to get wealthy so we can employ others alone

A SSN, a finger print and a digital photo along with an algorithm (no civil liberty violations) supported by a P.I.N., businesses saving hundreds of billions and credit ratings not destroyed for consumers that today are removed from the economy due to being a victim of fraud-is a patriotic concept that will position Americans to put America back to work. Then, if it requires a P.I.N. to use a SSN to get a job-Illegal Immigration will be deterred. Friends and family members of an illegal will be deterred for permitting authorized use of their SSNs for the purpose of circumvent the eVerify system.

Not a new tax. A service that will save loss and cost that will take from criminals and hire hundreds of thousands of American middle class workers-pennies at a time. Now that is patriotic.

Mark, Why is giving money to a bunch of corrupt, incompetent,wasteful crooks patriotic? The false premise of liberalism is that gov’t will take care of the poor and down trodden. The reality is they screw up every thing they do. They are not capable of doing the job. Would you get Bernie Madoff out of prison and give him a billion dollars to invest for you? What is the difference between him and the gov’t? Obama spent a 500,000,000 in a company that blew it in just 2 years. Some of our cities didn’t get any gov’t grants close to that. And you think its a good thing to give the gov’t more money? You think you should just give money blindly, I don’t get it. The more you give them the worse they are. Tell me I’m wrong. to a bunch of corrupt, incompetent, wasteful crooks and in an act of denial call it patriotism? Is that how you conduct your businesses? Would you hire Obama to be the CEO of your organization? Shear Idiosy. Shear stupidity. Is it okay for your head coach to be lazy, incompetent, unproductive? Of course not. If he doesn’t give you a championship, you want answers. Why shouldn’t we treat the gov’t the same? You cut them off, make them give us a balanced budget, be responsible and then will talk about giving them more.

above … they cannot have a national hiring day it would have to be an international hiring day because most corporate employees reside outside of U.S. boarders … It would be rejected immediately. Why, would they want to pay a $100,000 per year salary when they can pay $500 or less yearly salary – close corporate loopholes – lest not forget the prosperous years of Calvin Coolidge when the radio, Model ‘T’, and the beginnings of airplane manufacturing was here ON U.S. Soil … wonder why we prospered then could have possibly been because the stuff was manufactured here, taxes were paid here, and in U.S. banks, money circulated throughout, workers bought and spent their earnings because they had decent jobs … reflect, learn from history.

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