Latina American Wedding party Traditions

Latin American and Asian cultures contain a wealth of exclusive wedding customs that could be beautiful to add into your big day. We possess rounded up several of the best to get you encouraged for your own nuptials!

Godfathers and godmothers

Los padrinos (godfathers) and todas las madrinas (godmothers) are important people in most couples’ lives. They play primary roles on the ceremony and help guide the couple in their wedded life.

Bridesmaids and groomsmen

Damas and caballeros are specialized people the couple demands to be a part of their wedding ceremony. They may have a specific purpose, such as helping with the plants or helping the star of the event get into her gown.

Money dance

In lots of Latin countries, the wedding party gets to be able to dance together with the groom and bride throughout the reception. This is called the “money boogie. ”

Todas las arras

In Panama, grooms present 13 gold coins to the bride with the wedding like a symbol of their promise to provide for her. The articles on online dating coins speak for Jesus and his 12 apostles, as well as the ceremony usually features the priest blessing the gift ideas.


Following the vows, the few is joined in matrimony using a lasso. The lasso is often made of a rosary, cotton cord, or silver string and covered around the few by the padrinos.

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