7 Powerful Recovery Symbols to Celebrate Your Sobriety !

Of course, while perhaps typically representative of a different path of addiction recovery, these sobriety tattoos can be used by any recovering addict. Inking that important moment is like a trophy, and it constantly reminds them how beautiful their life has become after that. The best place to put these tattoos is on the wrist, forearm, ankle, shoulder, finger, and neck. Popular both among men and women, the concept of these sobriety tattoos is not only beautiful but also inspiring. Just like in the tattoo community, at large, there are certain superstitions and taboos to avoid when getting recovery-related tattoos. So, for your consideration, here are 5 recovery tattoos you should avoid at all costs.

What does NEDA symbol tattoo mean?

NEDA Tattoo

The NEDA symbol is an acknowledgement to all those living with eating disorders.

For those who need a reminder of their strength to continue fighting, but may want it in a more discrete area this sobriety tattoo may best fit them. Thus, these words can serve as a small reminder of a person’s commitment to their recovery journey, and help them move past particularly difficult periods. For many individuals who have or are actively overcoming addiction, this recovery process can be extremely difficult. Sobriety tattoos can help ease this struggle, through serving as a permanent badge of a person’s determination to become sober and achieve a more stable life.

Amazing Father and Son Tattoo Ideas That…

Boettcher didn’t even want to copyright the design at first, but other tattoo artists threatened to do so under their own name if he didn’t. He even had people claim they had created the design and he was stealing it. But his Facebook post was proof of his date of creation. Social media is especially helpful for tattoo artists since it’s an easy way to display one’s artwork to the public. Boettcher hit “post” as he often does, and didn’t think much of it. Like “One day at a time,” this mantra reminds people that challenges will present themselves, but they do not need to derail progress.


Tattoos, for many people, offer a way to immortalize important symbols and ideas through having them permanently inked on their bodies. This concept proves just as true for those who have made the decision to get sobriety tattoos. You could do a search for recovery tattoos in this sub. You can get an idea of what symbols are common, which ones resonate with you, and maybe figure out how to make it personal. Another popular recovery symbol is that of an equilateral triangle centered within a sphere. This geometric merging of circles and triangles can represent two different things.

Progressive Tattoo

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and are looking for ways to start your recovery process, know that you are not alone, and help IS available. While this may seem obvious, many people believe that addiction recovery is a race they must win. However, this is often not the case, and progress can be quite slow for many people. I have a lot of other tattoos too, most of them celebrate my drinking days I guess. Like a star on my thumb that I got on Walk of Fame after a legendary night out…

I had been planning a new one before quitting drinking. I already have a phoenix but not in colour it is a black line drawing that blends with the generally tribal but soft curvy lines ones I already have. I put my guiding star to remind me to be true to myself on my lower back so no wonder I kept forgetting its message . My other little ones aren’t quite so deep but have specific memories. When I first left the ex I was drifting towards a dandelion.

One Day At A Time Skull Graphic Tee

Medical Reviewers confirm the content is thorough and accurate, reflecting the latest evidence-based research. Content is reviewed before publication and upon substantial updates. Jablonsky had already been connected with Boettcher on Facebook when Boettcher posted the recovery ribbon tattoo, but didn’t know him well. He would let any other tattoo artist use the design too, or customize it. “To see someone with a tattoo of the ribbon in Laos is way cooler than having an extra $50,” Boettcher says.

This will allow you to get fairly decorative with the artistic elements in your recovery piece and still have a great reminder of your choice for a different path. The bicep, forearm, and even the calf can work well for clock pieces. Ultimately, there are several expressions that can fit the description of being symbolic for recovery.

Simple Sobriety Tattoo

In English Literature from the University of Massachusetts, he works to help Find sobriety tattoos Rehabs as both a writer and marketer. Edward loves to share his passion for the field through writing about addiction topics, effective treatment for addiction, and behavioral health as a whole. These sobriety tattoos are done by people to celebrate the concept of recovery and life.

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  • While it is most common to get the whole serenity prayer inked on one’s body, some people may choose to highlight a few keywords to make it more personal or less of a larger piece.
  • Other forms of slang and insider terms can also be taken to mean AA involvement, such as using the expression “One Day at a Time” or referring to yourself as a friend of Bill W’s.
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  • If you are looking for something meaningful to get tattooed on your body, you should definitely check out the Meaningful tattoos.

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