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According to Irving Bluestone, who was standing near the platform while Reuther delivered his remarks, he overheard two black women talking. One asked, “Who is that white man?” The other replied, “Don’t you know him? That’s the white Martin Luther King.” Following that, speakers were SNCC chairman John Lewis, labor leader Walter Reuther, and CORE chairman Floyd McKissick . The Eva Jessye Choir sang, and Rabbi Uri Miller offered a prayer. He was followed by National Urban League director Whitney Young, NCCIJ director Mathew Ahmann, and NAACP leader Roy Wilkins. After a performance by singer Mahalia Jackson, American Jewish Congress president Joachim Prinz spoke, followed by SCLC president Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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A man in Kansas City telephoned the FBI to say he would put a hole between King’s eyes; the FBI did not respond. Roy Wilkins was threatened with assassination if he did not leave the country. Organizers worked out of a building at West 130th St. and Lenox in Harlem.

The scene had to be periodically evacuated as the police received tips claiming that other bombs had been planted in the building. An estimated 646 people were inside the building when the bomb exploded. By the end of the day, 14 adults and six children were confirmed dead, and over 100 injured.

The JFK assassination was also the fourth and most recent time a U.S. president was assassinated, and the most recent time that a president died in office. After a 10-month investigation, the Warren Commission concluded that Oswald assassinated Kennedy, that Oswald had acted entirely alone, and that Ruby had acted alone in killing Oswald. In its 1979 report, the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded that Kennedy was likely “assassinated as a result of a conspiracy”. The HSCA did not identify a second gunman or group involved in the possible conspiracy, but concluded that there was “a high probability that two gunmen fired at President”. The U.S. Justice Department concluded active investigations and stated that there was no “persuasive evidence” of a conspiracy. However, Kennedy’s assassination is still the subject of widespread debate and has spawned numerous conspiracy theories and alternative scenarios.

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The Washington, D.C., police forces were mobilized to full capacity for the march, including reserve officers and deputized firefighters. A total of 5,900 police officers were on duty. The government mustered 2,000 men from the National Guard, and brought in 3,000 outside soldiers to join the 1,000 already stationed in the area. These additional soldiers were flown in on helicopters from bases in Virginia and North Carolina. The Pentagon readied 19,000 troops in the suburbs.

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